IF-"Idle" / 3 Wk Challenge sketch 1

tealady round

A cup of tea is a lovely way to spend some idle time.

In the summer I usually have iced tea on the brain. But we are having the rainiest un-summery July I can remember. Hot tea fits the bill.

(I haven't posted anything in so long that it took a Challenge to get me back on my feet!)

Congratulations on your first challenge post!! She's a sweet character!
congrats and welcome! What a really nice illustration. I really like the simple line work. It's beautiful. She is such a character.
She's quite charming! Lovely line quality. Hot tea does seem to work more often this rainy and cool summer, doesn't it (although not today in NH!)
nice illo . game on .look forward to next week...
really lovely line work! and i agree, a summer of hot tea! x
Thanks all! I have some more sketches to post. Hopefully I'll get to scan them tomorrow:)

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