NJSCBWI 1st Annual Illustrator's Day

Princeton, NJ

I attended the Illustrator's Day put on by the NJSCBWI in Princeton, NJ. From my perspective, it was a well organized event that I really enjoyed. Kudos to Leeza Hernandez for putting it together so well!

There were valuable critiques from art directors, Laurent Linn and Patrick Collins. I took away quite a bit from this day. Plus, it didn't hurt that I traveled with two fun illustrators; Donna Farrell and Lori Mulligan!


A trip to take the edge off turning 40!

Here we are arriving. The weather was perfect.
Mexico Trip!

The resort was beautiful
Mexico Trip!

oct08 Mexico day 4 (26)

I love the signs. There's no mistaking which gender uses this bathroom
Mexico Trip!

We went snorkeling, on ziplines, rappelling, and visited Mayan ruins
Oct 2008 240

Oct 2008 187

Mexico Trip

I made it across a rope bridge!
Mexico Trip

We enjoyed the amenities, including the swim-up bar!
Oct 2008 208

It was a fun adventure...I'd love to have more milestones celebrated like this!
Oct 2008 286

Oct 2008 329

Oct 2008 330

Oct 2008 259


Happy Halloween!

I'm down to only one Trick-or-Treater. But she's enthusiastic! Her 13 year old brother had friends over instead.

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