3 Wk Challenge-animated sketch

Karen Pasquarette-Flycakelady

Not a great animation, but it was fun. I could work on improving it, but I guess my time would be better spent doing something with the other sketches in my sketchbook.


IF-"Idle" / 3 Wk Challenge sketch 1

tealady round

A cup of tea is a lovely way to spend some idle time.

In the summer I usually have iced tea on the brain. But we are having the rainiest un-summery July I can remember. Hot tea fits the bill.

(I haven't posted anything in so long that it took a Challenge to get me back on my feet!)


Ann Marie is hosting a 3 Week Challenge at My Dog Is A Pancake and I am in! Here are the details:

The Challenge

  1. Participate for 3 weeks
  2. Complete 3 or more sketches per week.
  3. Complete one finished piece per week. Can be in color or not.
  4. Themes are optional. For example, use the Illustration Friday prompt.
  5. Each day you complete something, post it to your blog.
Ok, so I am off to sketch and scan...

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